Song Reflector EP album digital download

Choice of 5 EP’s, each with 4 original lyric songs.

The original songs used within “Reflect, Provoke & Build Workshops”, and played at venues by Song Reflector live.

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Song Reflector meditation digital download

Relax and reflect with our Song Reflector meditation album. A digital download for you and the one’s you love.

We use our original meditation music to assist learning and reflection. Now it can be owned and used by you.  Helping to support the atmosphere for multiple learning styles and experiences. Relaxation and reflection is a vital part of effective brain functioning.

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Ricky & Pete Album (Around the World) digital download

Part of our focus at Palmers Education Pty Ltd is to equip and inspire educators, musician’s and families.

In 1994 Palmers Education Director Richard Palmer was a children’s entertainer, then went on and lectured at TAFE specialising in music and movement.
Richard wrote and performed theatre and songs performing thousands of shows. To capture these songs and adventures, Ricky & Pete wrote and produced this album including radio theatre style storyline with the popular songs they wrote and performed.
Now you can experience this educational legacy as the album has now been digitally remastered by sound engineer Ian Miller from Adelaide’s Melville Studios.
By purchasing the download you receive 13 songs plus the radio theatre performance called Around the World Adventure. The album is over 1 hour 20 minutes in length.

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