Reflect, Provoke & Build workshops.

  • Reflect on the workshop topic
  • Provoke you into action
  • Build with action
In our training we provide teaching, documents, links, video, original song’s with lyrics and group discussion.

  How they work:
What are Reflect, Provoke & Build workshops?
Training and Development 
Step 1-
Select Topic and date 
Step 2-
Note that the workshop will go for 40-50 minutes
Step 3- In the workshop
a) Trainer begins teaching the topic. 
b) Additional resources are used to assist your  learning
c) Workshop members share their reflections of the topic, including what was provoked and what they want to build upon & action.
Step 4-
You will have ongoing access to the workshop topic forum, within Palmers Education website. A great place to stay connected to keep sharing your own building progress.


This Week’s Workshop 
Topic :

“Songs are am anchor in life “:

(Exploring the power of song)

Session Address – This is a Webinar, located at your computer (links will be sent to you) 
Cost = A$40pp (GST inclusive)