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Today‚Äôs busy lifestyle means it is difficult to have personal and professional development that is not taking a lot of our time with travel and class time. Palmers Education now provide subscription delivery enabling ongoing training at an affordable price with achievable bite size weekly learning. Join today to receive weekly 15 minute video-casts with options of learning community discussion, access to current and previous videos and continual liaison with your facilitator to ensure relevance of the topics covered. 


Group categories include:

- Organisational Development (Mentorship) 

- Adult Education (Facilitation) 

- Music (Performing arts)

- Personal Growth


To help you decide the group you would like to join we have have displayed below a sample of topics covered. Keeping in mind that the topics will be determined by the ongoing requests of subscribers in each group, ensuring relevance and tailoring to your training needs.

Organisational Development (Mentorship) 

Topic range: 
Mentorship program Cohesive Leadership Productive Team Vision 
Write it down, make it clear, test it out 
Challenges come 
Success and Sustainability 
Putting action to new learning 
Leaders not followers
Depth and insight 
Keeping it real and authentic 
New beginnings, fresh approaches 
Building the team  
Behaviour support 
Educational leadership 
Team effectiveness 
Supportive Mentorship 
Conflict Tsunami 
Risk Benefit. 
Reflection and discussion. 
Management team 
Partnerships with clients      
Adult Education (Facilitation)

Topic range 
Adult learning styles 
Motivation and Momentum 
Public speaking 
Competency based 
Design, Delivery, Assessment 
Critical Thinking 
Community dialogue 
Group learning 
Behaviour support 
Experimental learning 
Imploding VET sector 
Authoritarianism in the sector 
Issues with innovation

Personal Growth

Topic range 
Direction and purpose 
Addressing negativity 
Building creditability Commitment 
Emotions under pressure. 
From conflict to collaboration 
Reflection and recreation 
Creativity and innovation.
Rest then breakthrough 
Responding to the hurting world 
Brain potential
Building the team 
Articulating your vision and values
Taping into your source
Your fruit, key ingredients
Giving over the control. 
Vision and insight. Favour. Keeping on track, Garden of influence. Wisdom  
Music (Performing arts)
Topic range 
Desire, inspiration 
Purpose, practice 
Creating and being a creative 
Preparing to perform 
Personal and team development 
Dealing with nerves and the ego 
Connecting with the patrons 
Communicating the message / story. 
Amateur & Professional pathways 
Business and pleasure 
Looking after your craft / instrument / you 
Record & distribute,

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