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We have designed an approach to education called Action Learning. Like its name suggests each class is based on documented outcomes in a supportive, strongly monitored and mentored educational program over a 4-week period.

Our expertise in Adult Education, with our ability to deliver a premium service for each client, helps create a successful Action Learning class every time.

Note: both non-biblical and biblical referenced class options are available.
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Palmers Education - your style of learning

In an environment that is all about sharing, you will positively influence the world around you.

It is all about getting inspired then putting that inspiration. knowledge and experience into ACTION by doing, sharing and gleaning from others. 


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About us

Richard and Heather Palmer began the company in 2009, after 25 years experience in Adult Education, Nursing, Community and Business Services.

Richard and Heather are passionate about designing and facilitating education of an excellent standard. They gain much satisfaction in knowing that they serve small to medium sized businesses and organisations in a friendly, integral, professional manner. Click here to see some of the organisations they have had the privilege of serving...

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Upcoming Action Learning session

For Corporates, Families, Children's and Community Services industry

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Your 'Action' grows the capacity of your community.

Each Action Learning "session" is a single stand alone 2 hour "session". It is part of a full series of sessions that make up one Action Learning "class".

Participants will have the opportunity to choose to do all the remaining "sessions" of the full Action Learning "class".

A full Action Learning "class" consists of 4 x 2 hour sessions plus daily online reflective discussion and documentation with class colleagues.

Those doing the full Action Learning class benefit by developing new habits based on what they are learning and implementing over a period of 21 days or more.

It is known that learning with action over a long period of time like this, truly develops habits and competence to a higher level.

Note: Action Learning "sessions" and "classes" are also available face to face on request.

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