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Song Reflector

Song Reflector classes

Delving into songs 
their meaning, atmosphere and emotion’s
Allowing the topics within the songs to make their way out, into the reality of your world

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Everyone enjoy’s listening to songs. The words, the way the music sounds, the way it makes us feel, how it helps us remember times and places, helps us learn new things and motivates us. It has been an important way of passing on stories down the generations.

This is why we have Song Reflector classes. 40 minute training session’s covering the different topics found in the original song’s that Palmers Education Director Richard Palmer writes and records.  Using  song as the centre of the topics we explore this an online webinar based experience, all you will need is something to take notes, a listening ear, a readiness to explore the song, an openness to hear others interpretation, and a willingness to take away inspirational ideas to then put into action.

Make your class booking today and we will send you the upcoming Song Reflector classes for you to choose a time and topic you prefer.

Upcoming Song Reflector class  

Main Topic Title :

"Focusing on the simple things in life"

Date choices (Adelaide time)
- Wednesday 7/4/21 8pm - 8.40pm
or - Monday 12/4/21 12noon - 12.40pm
Session Address - This is a Webinar, located at your computer (links will be sent to you) 
Cost = A$20pp (GST inclusive)


Song Reflector EP album digital download

Choice of 5 EP’s, each with 4 original lyric songs.

Recording of the songs used in the Song Reflector classes, and the original songs played at venues by Song Reflector live.

Click to go to  Song Reflector EP album 


Song Reflector meditation digital download

Relax and reflect with our Song Reflector meditation album. A digital download for you and the one’s you love.

Song Reflector is a training concept of Palmers Education Pty Ltd. Our meditation music is a resource to assist learning and reflection, helping to support the atmosphere for multiple learning styles and experiences. Relaxation and reflection is a vital part of effective brain functioning, and our meditation songs will assist you greatly.

Click to go to  Song Reflector meditation album 




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