Learning Community

Q Is all your training delivered online?

A Most of our training is available online, and we have the First Aid partly online. The courses that are purely face to face are delivered only in South Australia, and they are Anaphylaxis, Asthma and Child Safe Environments.

Q Do I need to pay for my course before I start?

A Yes, to gain access to a First Aid & Safety or Action Learning course payment is required before you begin.

Q Do I need to be booked into a course or class to continue my membership in the Learning Community?

A No, you can be a Learning Community member without accessing a payment required First Aid & Safety or Action Learning topic.

Q At the end of an Action Learning course can I keep in touch with other participants?

A Yes you can keep in touch if mutually agreed, through your own means, or as we have designed for you through the Learning Community, especially by using the Palmers Education Secure Social Media area, called The "Lounge".

Q Is what I develop in the 'Workshop Development Centre' still available to me after I've finished the Action Learning topic?

A Yes, all your work is accessible by you after the Action Learning topic, in fact you can add to it at anytime, and you can use again and again in other Action Learning topic's that you book into.

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