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Palmers Education New Website

Welcome to Palmers Education first "Blog" for our New Website.

Thank you for visiting our New Website

A place where people will find out for the first time the innovative "Education" opportunities that we on offer, and enables a place where "Learning Community" members can interact daily with other members and experience our "Education" opportunities.






Collaboration Is what Palmers Education is all about !!!

The Education that we provide is based on a collaborative approach, whether the classes are face to face or live online classroom, or a mixture of both.

A collaborative style of learning enables the sharing of new and existing ideas between learners, and our design also heightens the accountability process of seeing learning becoming real outcomes in the workplace and personal life.

Participants can be accountable to themselves for producing the outcomes that they originally aimed for, by having their plans for action being documented for themselves and others to refer. Others including those in the class that the participant attended, also the wider "Learning Community" and the employer who have the opportunity to read the participants E'presentation.

If the participant is sponsored, then the sponsor can also see and discuss the outcomes.

Participants of our "Action Learning" need not be concerned that their work is being critiqued harsely by those reading, because the purpose of being "creative" is our altermate goal, where readers can only give "positive" feedback to the participants who create their "E-Presentations".

Ongoing discussion about the progress of implementing and "Actioning" the learning into their "world of influence" is the topic of conversation within the "Learning Community". This communication occur's effectively in the Palmers Education secure social media area called "The Lounge".

Wow.... so much to interact with in our "Learning Community".

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Let's talk lounge

Our Social Network is called the "Lounge"

As we mentioned in our last "Blog", as part of the "Learning Community" you will have ongoing access to our secure social networking section, aptly named the "Lounge".

A place people can come to daily (or hourly if they want to):

  • where discussion occurs about their action learning progress and the multiple stories that this involves,
  • the sharing of challenges and success,
  • the discussion of other research participant's have found out since they had their class,
  • the further thoughts that they have from the "Podium", the "Gallery" and the "Refreshments" sections of the "Learning Community"

The "Lounge" is a place where people share about their ongoing learning journey, not about what you had for "breakfast" common in other more public social media.

The best way of seeing how all this works, is by interacting with it in our "Learning Community". Register now to see for yourself.

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