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Richard and Heather Palmer began the company in 2009, after 25 years experience in Adult Education, Nursing, Community and Business Services.

Richard and Heather are passionate about designing and facilitating education of an excellent standard. They gain much satisfaction in knowing that they serve small to medium sized businesses and organisations in a friendly, integral, professional manner. Click here to see some of the organisations they have had the privilege of serving.

Their focus is to discover your needs and develop the specific professional development training program that is relevant, interactive and delivered in a fun, relaxed context. But more importantly will produce quality outcomes for your organisation. Feedback from industry has highlighted that passive learning leads to a lack of interest and momentum. Palmers Education Action Learning classes solution is to engage the learner over a 21 day period and equip them to activate their learning into the workplace and their world of influence.

There are many benefits of being connected to Palmers Education. These include being able to access the online Learning Community, where knowledge and skills are shared through stimulating discussions and reflection. You can be involved via the Palmers Education secure social media platform and receive regular notifications of guest speakers along with first aid and safety classes.

Richard Palmer – Director of Palmers Education Pty Ltd
Richard is a highly qualified Adult Education Practitioner. He has established his own Education Company, provides compliance-based learning and provides webinar based Action Learning classes. Richard has 20 years experience in the Adult Education arena and 30 years in children’s and community services. His qualifications range from Certificate IV in Training and Assessment to his Bachelor of Adult and Vocational Education, including Advanced Diploma’s in both Children’s Services and Community Sector Management. Richard is a writer of adult education material, specialising in e’learning platforms that enable learners to be fully engaged. Richard is inspired by Adult Education best practice and is instrumental in visioning innovative approaches to high quality adult education engagement providing guaranteed outcomes for participants and their employers.

Heather Palmer – Director of Palmers Education Pty Ltd
Heather is a naturally gifted facilitator drawing people to her through her likeable, warm connection. Heather has been a Registered Nurse for over 24 years with clinical and management experience and an education focus. She currently works as a senior nurse within a large emergency department. Heather co-directs the Education Company with her husband and has developed learning materials for the courses. Heather has a successful reputation as a First Aid trainer and assessor, with clients continually returning to her as their preferred facilitator. Heather holds a Bachelor of Nursing Practice and her Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, and she is a member of the Australian Resuscitation Council. 

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