Learning Community

Note: Specific Conditions for 'Action Learning' participants

In addition to the Terms and Conditions stated above, those engaged in Action Learning topics also agree to the following:

  • Respect Christian values and principles referred to by members of the session
  • Identifying that Christian perspectives are the basis of the research
  • Other perspectives that belittle, victimise, or put down Christian values and principles will not be tolerated, and those involved risk exit from the session and the Learning Community
  • Focus on positive aspects when giving feedback
  • Common ground is sought with different perspectives within the parameters of Christian values and perspectives. Remembering to be focused on the positives and the common purpose
  • That an equal allowance of participation of all members of the small group occurs in developing the workshop outcome
  • That enough time is planned for and agreed attendance occurs by all members of the small group, so that the workshop outcome can be completed to what was originally desired by the small group


Latest Revision: October, 2013


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