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We have a wide variety of topics to choose, plus we have new topics coming up regularly, often from the consultation we have with you our clients. 

All the topics are available in a variety of delivery options. Being 1) In person (2 hour session), 2) Webinar (2 hour session), 3) Action Learning (2 or more successive 2 hour sessions), 4) Subscription (ongoing weekly 15 minute video casts).

Here are the list of topics according to the categories..... Remember if you would like us to spend some time with you to talk further about your training needs, please give us a call.

Category:  Organisational Development (Mentorship) 

Topic range: 
Mentorship program Cohesive Leadership Productive Team Vision
Write it down, make it clear, test it out
Challenges come
Success and Sustainability
Putting action to new learning
Leaders not followers Depth and insight
Keeping it real and authentic
New beginnings, fresh approaches
Building the team  
Behaviour support 
Educational leadership 
Team effectiveness 
Supportive Mentorship 
Conflict Tsunami 
Risk Benefit. 
Reflection and discussion. 
Management team 
Partnerships with clients      

Category: Music (Performing arts)

Topic range
Purpose, practice
Creating and being a creative
Preparing to perform
Personal and team development
Dealing with nerves and the ego
Confidence,  Desire, inspiration
Connecting with the patrons
Communicating the message / story.
Amateur & Profession pathways
Business and pleasure
Looking after your craft / instrument / you
Record & distribute

Category: Adult Education (Facilitation)

Topic range
Adult learning styles
Motivation and Momentum
Public speaking
Competency based
Design, Delivery, Assessment
Critical Thinking
Community dialogue
Group learning
Behaviour support
Experimental learning
Imploding VET sector
Authoritarianism in the sector
Issues with innovation

Category: Personal Growth

Topic range
Direction and purpose
Addressing negativity
Building creditability Commitment
Emotions under pressure.
From conflict to collaboration
Reflection and recreation
Creativity and innovation.
Rest then breakthrough 
Responding to the hurting world 
Brain potential
Building the team 
Articulating your vision and values
Taping into your source
Your fruit, key ingredients
Giving over the control. 
Vision and insight. Favour. Keeping on track, Garden of influence. Wisdom  


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More about the "Action Learning" option...



Action Learning is probably not what you are used to. In the past you may have gone to Professional Development that was largely passive in nature, where you sat in rows, listened to one speaker who inspired you, however you did not necessarily have an outlet to develop and discuss the concepts further, resulting in minimal positive benefitts for your workplace, of which was not the intent of your employer.

The aim of Action Learning is to equip your community to excel. It is an opportunity to look out beyond yourself and look at the needs of others, and to be an active member in improving outcomes for your community.

Action Learning is a Webinar or "In Person" based Adult Education innovation that enables shared learning to become action, benefiting your workplace / community / world of influence.

Action Learning focuses on life-giving topics that are not only intellectually learned, they also form as a habit throughout a 21 day period where constant reflection and action occurs, through individual, small and large group accountability.


How Action learning is conducted:


A maximum Group of 20 participants meet online or in person for 4 x 1 hour webinar or in person live classroom sessions.

Teaching on the topic occurs at the beginning of the first class, where opportunity also occurs for knowledge and experience sharing.

Participants clearly focus on developing their own action plan (no need for public speaking), that will be shared with the other participants between the 2nd and 3rd sessions. Paricipants also have access in the Resource Library to additional resources on the topic.

Participants are paired up so they can verbally discuss how they see their action plan will look like. This is not a shared project with the other person, it is only a shared space and for conversation to be had. The participants aim to give posiitive feedback of the other persons ideas, and are free to utilise those ideas for themself, in the spirit of community sharing. We do not see the need for aggressive constructive feedback between participants or selfish non-sharing of knowledge.

Once the action plan has been developed, all participants in the class are also given the opportunity to give and receive positive feedback and the freedom to further develop their own strategies of implementing their ideas into the workplace / community / world of influence.

The 3rd session is an opportunity to share with the class how much each participant has progressed since receiving positive feedback from the whole class.

The action plans are then made available to the whole Learning Community, so they too can benefit and have further discussions with the authors in the Lounge (social media area), about the progress of the Action Learning since the class.





Recently completed Action Learning examples will be displayed in the Gallery, in the member only Learning Community, so that the whole Learning Community membership can benefit.

The class participants of each Action Learning topic are also able to collate their own group class work and access it at anytime from the Workshop Development Centre. Able to see ongoing progress anytime into the future




Webinar Live Classroom


Our Action Learning classes are all Webinar based or In Person, supported by the Resource Library that is accessible 24/7.

The webinar live classroom has all the same benefits of a traditional face-to-face class. It includes live texting, power point, video and live quizzes. Prior to classes commencing, all students are given login support.



 Resource Library

The Resource Library is where interactive resources are found. Including readings, website links, video’s, audio recordings, multiple choice, true and false tests, assignment questions. The centre can be accessed online 24/7.

Workshop Development Centre 

The Workshop Development Centre is where the small groups (2 people) meet to develop their action plan to the Action Learning topic.Using word and presentation documents, video, audio or pictures. Once completed all other participants from the class provide positive feedback to each group’s action plan. 


 Cost & Length of Topics

  • $60 per person per class session (2 or more consecutive sessions per topic.. Recommendation is at least 4 consecutive sessions per topic, ideally the sessions to be a week or fortnight apart)
  • Payment is required on enrolment                                                              
  • Invoice is sent for payment prior to topic commencement. Payment by Cheque, EFT or Paypal

Examples of 'Action Learning' topics

  • Looking for the positive. Addressing negativity in yourself and others
  • Building trust, rapport and credibility
  • Keeping your commitment alive
  • Emotions controlled when under pressure
  • Progressing to collaboration from conflict


  • Reflection, recreation and preserving a work‐life balance
  • Sparking creativity and innovation

Look prior on this page of Topic's available, unless you have your own topic suggestion that we can tailor make with you for your organisation


  • Contact us direct requesting enrolment. Click here to do that now..... You will then be asked to have read and agreed to Terms and Conditions below:
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     'Terms of Use – Palmers Education Website'
     'Learning Community additional Terms and Conditions'
    Specific Conditions for 'Action Learning' participants
  • Invoice sent and subsequent payment processed.
  • Resources and support are given for introduction to the following platforms:
     Online Live Classroom
     Resource Library
     Workshop Development Centre
  • Dates and times of sessions are confirmed through email.
  • Members are welcome to regularly use and enjoy the resources and services available in the Learning Community. This includes: newsletters (and archives), recent outcomes of Action Learning topics, testimonials, secure social media communication channel, celebrations of completed sessions and classes, industry relevant updates, good news stories, events, reviews (books, DVD's), blog, video blog, suggestions for further Action Learning topics.

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