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Hello and thank for your interest in the Professional Development and Personal Development training that we can provide for you. 

The options that we provide are: Click to Read More
  1. Weekly mentorship (from $20 per month per person)
  2. Face to face workshop (minimum numbers are required)
  3. Online workshops (minimum numbers are required)
  4. Action Learning (where learners are required to clearly implement their learning)
  5. Keynote speaker for events (including AGM’s and Conferences)
Topics are tailored to the participating learners.
Topic areas include:
                        - Leadership
                        - Team cohesion and effectiveness
                        - Partnering with clients
                        - Inclusive Practices
                        - Implementing Industry requirements
A full list of Topics is available through the above "Topics" tab. Or alternatively you may have a burning topic/s that you would like me to research and deliver for you.
You are welcome to contact us if you have further questions and ready to begin your Learning Journey with us here at Palmers Education Pty Ltd.

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Being Transformed - Option 1

Get Mentored Weekly

Annual subscription

Delivered nationally

Join a group where you will receive transformational growth each week, exploring a range of relevant topics.
Dialogue with us your ongoing thoughts and application, based on the resources we share with you through a range of 15 minute podcasts, videos and transcripts.

Groups include:

*Organisational Development (Corporate & Community organisation's) 
*Adult Education (Facilitation)
*Music (Performing arts)
*Personal Growth


Being Transformed - Option 2

Class Session's

(Traditional Face to Face or Webinar)

Choose from 1) Traditional Face to Face (2 hour session), 2) Webinar (2 hour session), 3) Action Learning (2 or more successive 2 hour sessions). 
Action Learning occurs over a  significant time period enabling reflection. Perfect for embedding consistency within teams.
Click on the “Topic” tab above to see topic examples. Remembering that we are specialists in tailoring topics to your needs.
Click here  for more information about Palmers Action Learning.
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Monthly Mentorship.

Steps involved with Monthly Mentorship.
  1. Subscribe - Click here to Subscribe
  2. Receive invoice for the first 3 months.
  3. Pay the first 3 months
  4. Once received a date for the the first week will be identified.
  5. Receive and watch or listen each week either a podcast or video cast with notes and a feedback document where you can share how you had implemented what was covered in the pod/videocast.
  6. All participants are welcome to communicate with me, whenever the need arises.
  7. Each 3 month period a new invoice will be given where you can decide to continue or cancel.

Action Learning 

= two or more consecutive 2 hour classes around a chosen topic.. It is recommended at least 4 consecutive classes to ensure the topic is activated and made into a habit forming learning outcome. Classes can be delivered either face to face or webinar. Each 2 hour class is $60 per person.
Steps involved with Action Learning
  1. Enrol - Click here to Enrol  
  2. Receive invoice and dates.
  3. Pay the invoice
  4. Attend all classes, complete requirements for implementation between classes
  5. All participants are welcome to communicate with me, whenever the need arises.
  6. At the completion of the final Action Learning class for the chosen topic, there is the opportunity to enrol in further Action Learning topics.

Tailored topics for your organisation

If you are an organisation and would like to explore a topic that is not on our current list of choices, please click here and complete the form 

About us
Richard and Heather Palmer began the company in 2009, after 25 years experience in Adult Education, Nursing, Community and Business Services. Click to read more About Us    
Your 'Action' grows the capacity of your community.
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Other Solutions 

- Co-facilitation
- Tailored training for Organisations
- Guest Speaker (AGM's and other events)  

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Examples Of Positive Topics We Explore:




Being there for others

Being Positive, Looking for the positive.


Fun & Games & Laughter

How to express appreciation

Creativity brings life


Appreciating nature

Really Listening


Humour is healthy

Make someone’s day 


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